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Brinn Bevan seems to have almost the same background as Tom Daley: very close bond with his father who died of cancer, and now he's trying to win an Olympic medal for daddy. Danell Leiva, Paul Ruggeri, and Eddie Penev were left out. Jake Dalton pings too, but he's a married Bible thumper, so if he's gay, it seems they bearded him off young. Paul Ruggerri was supposedly gay, and judging by his instagram I wouldn't disagree.And Tom Daley turned out to be gay, so…Speaking of the Russian team, I remember when they uses to kiss each other on the cheek or even right on the mouth after they did their routines. But recently he is posting pictures with a girl that is supposedly his fiance.While Brad didn't do much to deserve such torture, he didn't do much to help his situation either, besides taking a hiatus from school to be on Broadway and transferring.All right, maybe he did a few things, but it wasn't difficult to see how he could so easily annoy Paris.J.'s (Michael De Luise) attempts to be a contractor at Lorelai's house. And any man that can wear tights for his bride is a keeper.Jamie was Paris' first boyfriend and was quite charming. But then Paris had sex with him and got rejected from Harvard in the same week, and had a complete breakdown on C-Span. And that makes Liz's brother Luke really happy. The stepfather almost acts like a boyfriend at times. And male gymnasts don't have as early an expiration date add the women.

) Poor Brad couldn't escape Paris' terror even after switching schools, when he was forced to come face to face with her at a debate tournament.The son of Richard Gilmore's (Edward Herrmann) business partner and a co-camper of Lorelai's, Digger secretly left his father's company after Richard was ousted to start a new one.Digger was into secrets, sneaking around with Lorelai for weeks until a private investigator exposed their relationship to their parents." You mean you and the other creeps on DL that are stalking him.Dollars to donuts those "People" didn't show up until someone posted that photo of the team on the gay sites.[quote]Cuban cutie Danell Leyva will compete in the Olympics after all. His nudes are all over the web, erect cock and all.

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