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Because they were briefer, sometimes they felt a lot less solid or like I knew my other partners not as well as I do my girlfriend.But I am always looking for more closeness with other people.I understand this methodology, but ultimately this doesn't work for me.Woman C: I am best friends with my husband's girlfriend.Woman C: I have gotten a lot out of Franklin Veaux's website and book , which helped me to think about the root of my feelings (Is it feeling ignored? Identify the root cause inside of myself and remind myself of my value. When you are honest, you will discuss risks in a much more practicable, mutually respectful manner. Now my husband and I have set a boundary of asking for tests with all new partners and only have non-barrier sex with each other.I may also need to talk about the jealousy with one of my friends. And of course I would disclose my status to any potential partners. Woman C: The freedom to say yes to other potential relationships. Polyamorous people believe that you can love more than one person (sexually and/or romantically) at a time. Even though I have tended toward hierarchies just as much as a lot of people — I used to rate my friends, like "first best friend," "second best friend," which I cringe at now — I have also always really questioned the idea of a one and only soul mate. Woman C: I am bisexual, but due to belonging to a repressive religion in middle/high school, I was so far in the closet I could have been in Narnia.In this week's Sex Talk Realness, speaks with four women about what it's really like to be polyamorous. It wasn't until I was a senior in college, already three years into my relationship with my now husband, that I started coming out. Woman A: I was usually in a primary relationship with one or two other relationships that were more casual. Woman B: It's about respecting a relationship for what it is, and not needing it to be labeled, necessarily, for it to be important.

Woman A: I am not currently in a polyamorous relationship but still consider myself poly.

I was raised by Marxist, activist parents, and I learned to question the institution of marriage very early on.

Woman B: On and off, but mostly on, since I was 12 or 13 or so. Woman D: Nine months in theory, six months in practice. Woman B: I can't really imagine feeling true to myself any other way.

We're both aware that it is likely something that will come up for us again if we choose to. I have dated and hooked up with people a lot more than my girlfriend has, but she is looking for dating and sexual possibilities more now too.

I have had some other serious relationships in the time that she and I have been together.

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