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Eventually, a riot is touched off by a nude painting of Betty (painted by Johnson) on the window of Mr. The soda fountain is destroyed, books are burned, and people who are "colored" are harassed in the street.

As a reaction, the town fathers announce rules preventing people from visiting the library, playing loud music, or using paint other than black, white, or gray. Johnson paint a colorful mural on a brick wall, depicting their world, prompting their arrest.

were responsible for the death as a result of the lengthy work hours imposed on the set.

Shortly before and during the film's release, an online contest was held to visit the real Pleasantville, Iowa. The winner, who remained anonymous, declined the trip, and opted to receive the ,000 cash prize instead.

and a Mega Def Colour Correction System from Pandora International.

Cameraman Brent Hershman's death, when he fell asleep driving home after a 19-hour workday on the set of the film, resulted in a wrongful death suit, claiming that New Line Cinema, New Line Productions and Juno Pix Inc.

Johnson and Betty Parker fall in love, causing her to leave home, throwing George Parker, Bud and Mary Sue's father, into confusion.

The only people who remain unchanged are the town fathers, led by the mayor, Big Bob, who sees the changes eating at the values of Pleasantville.

This was the first time that a new feature film was created by scanning and digitizing from recorded film footage for the purpose of removing or manipulating colors.

Brought to trial in front of the town, David and Mr.

Johnson defend their actions, arousing enough anger and indignation in Big Bob that the mayor becomes colored as well.

One evening while their mother is away, they fight over the TV.

Jennifer wants to watch a concert on MTV, but David wants to watch a marathon of Pleasantville, a black and white 1950s sitcom about the idyllic Parker family.

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